PMC – We Know Hospitals

Today, more than ever, anesthesia groups are challenged to understand how to integrate their operations with the facilities they serve. Groups are challenged to "speak" hospital, and, likewise, hospitals are challenged to understand the anesthesia business, from billing and collections to coverage and care delivery.

The PMC management team is made up of career healthcare executives well versed in both hospital and group practice operations, while our owners are practicing anesthesiologists who are in the field every day. With this talented staff carefully assembled, PMC has been able to bridge the relationships between clinical practitioners and hospital executives.

PMC is one of the few anesthesia services and perioperative management companies with a firm grasp on what hospitals, anesthesiology group practices and providers face every day. We understand the reality of modern healthcare, especially relating to the overall management of the perioperative process- from admission testing to discharge, including post anesthesia care.

In this environment, there's no room for error. Every dollar that can be saved through best practices and daily efficiencies, while keeping compliance and quality patient care a priority, helps improve overall financial performance for everyone.