Parish Anesthesia Associates (PAA), a private practice anesthesiology group, was formed in 1987 by seven Anesthesiologists as a result of a merger of Parish Anesthesia and Metairie Anesthesia.  PAA is known today as Parish Management Consultants (PMC).

In the mid-1990’s, PAA was experiencing financial pressures generated by national and local shortages of both physicians and CRNA’s.  Due to this shortage, PAA was competing for physician and CRNA recruits as salaries and benefits were continuing to escalate.  To compound this problem, PAA’s revenue stream was declining due to an ever increasing ratio of Medicare patient volume compared to commercial insurance.  Faced with these issues, PAA hired its first full time professional administrator in 2001, T. Steven Martin.  Under Martin’s direction, PAA recruited a management team with the expertise to meet the demands associated with maintaining and supporting a large physician practice.  This component became organized as PMC.

Parish Management Consultants became the practice management side of the partnership, while the physicians and CRNA’s maintained responsibility for the clinical services.  PMC has over twenty facilities under management in Louisiana, Tennessee and California.  Over the past fifteen years, PMC evolved into an anesthesia management service organization.   This structure provides clients the management expertise to meet today’s anesthesia challenges.  The client, through the MSO, realizes economies of scale for costs associated with these services.  Management Service Organizations are recognized as solid alternatives to mergers and acquisitions, as well as management solutions for hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and groups.

  • PMC is the key to retaining autonomy