First and foremost collecting quality data supports Parish Management Consultants (PMC) mission statement that expresses dedication to the provision of world class services… (and) driven to provide the best quality anesthesia as defined by national benchmarks and supported by results oriented, quantifiable management services. PMC is not only able to illustrate the high level of quality service that is provided to patients, but is able to provide feedback to sites, managers, and individual providers on quality outcomes.

Data collection and reporting is also critical from a business perspective. Practices not only need quality data to participate and thrive in the era of changing healthcare payment mechanisms, but also needs to be prepared for future contracting requirements involving quality data. Groups are in fact at a significant disadvantage if quality data is not available.

Parish Management Consultants began building quality infrastructure years ago. Our goal is to collect clinically enhanced administrative data from all of our partner hospitals to improve the quality of care. Today PMC collects data on approximately 5,000 surgical cases per month

In 2004 PMC became involved with the Anesthesia Business Group (ABG). The ABG is a national network of large anesthesia groups. The ABG Clinical Data Warehouse was established in 2005. The ABG Clinical Data Warehouse is approved as a Federally Qualified Patient Safety Organization, with a research arm housed in a 501(c) (3). The ABG Clinical Data Warehouse was approved as a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) by CMS in 2015. PMC fully participates in the ABG QCDR and Patient Safety Organization.