PMC Compliance Program

Parish Management Consultants and all Parish subsidiaries are dedicated to providing an environment of honesty, integrity, and trust. PMC has a strong and abiding commitment to ensure that its affairs are conducted in accordance with applicable law. A critical focus of any compliance program relates to professional fee reimbursement. Compliance in this area is challenging because the regulatory requirements governing such reimbursements continue to be complex and changing.

PMC recognizes the need to ensure that all physicians, anesthetists, and staff are well informed about state and federal regulations applicable to billing, that we comply with these rules, and that performance is regularly audited so as to strengthen detected weaknesses. PMC recognizes that, in practice, complete perfection in the areas of compliance may not be truly attainable; however, it is PMC’s goal to strive for excellence and use good faith efforts in its compliance activities. PMC requires such efforts of all physicians, anesthetists, and staff.

The PMC Compliance Program is an evolving document. As such, any amendments to the Program shall be set forth in incorporated policies. The PMC Compliance Committee will be responsible for advising all staff of any pertinent revisions or addenda to the Program.

If you should have any questions please do not hesitate to contact any member of the PMC Compliance Committee:

PMC Medical Compliance Officer, Dr. Louis Levin at

Kathy Pratt, RN, PMC Administrative Compliance Officer at