PMC Human Resources

The Human Resources Department at PMC is staffed by experienced professionals knowledgeable in all human resources aspects including federal and state employment regulations, workers’ compensation and benefits management. The HR Department also provides assistance to employees with maintenance of benefits, compensation, leave of absence guidelines, and conflict resolution.

The HR Department oversees recruitment and credentialing thereby assisting Medical Directors, Chief CRNAs, and Administration in identifying and processing acceptable candidates. HR analyzes local market conditions and establishes competitive compensation and benefits packages in order to retain and recruit qualified candidates.

HR maintains the PMC PRN/locum staffing pool in order to allow employees to work at other PMC facilities when shifts are available. Please contact the HR department if interested in pursing this option.

HR continues to develop potential leaders within the company by offering Leadership Development Workshops. Information regarding future workshops will be distributed when available.

Contact the PMC HR Department for any on the job injury or any employee concerns at 504-779-5515 x9015 or x9019 or 1-866-528-9679.

Please send CV/Resume to the following to