PMC White Papers

Anesthesia Groups Look for Alternatives to Buyout

As far as mergers and acquisitions go, Anesthesia has been a hot commodity.  For the past several years M&A activity has ben on the rise in Anesthesia; however, some groups worry that once the M&A has occurred, the “control” over their own group is gone.  Read more

Hospitals Demand Anesthesia Subsidy Reductions

Over the past 15 plus years, across the United States Healthcare Industry, Anesthesia Groups requested and received financial support from Hospitals.  Simply put, the salary and benefit costs of anesthesia providers, including both nurse anesthetists, and anesthesiologists, often greatly exceeded their professional revenue capabilities.  Hospital operating rooms are major revenue centers for the majority of facilities.  Therefore, it was essential to keep their OR’s running.  The anesthesia subsidies were put into place to make sure Hospital OR’s continued to run. Read more

Anesthesia Cost Reduction Strategies

Parish Management Consultants, LLC was created in an environment with a high Medicaid and Medicare payor mix.  In the 1990’s until the present, manpower shortages of nurse anesthetists and anesthesiologists have kept their respective salary and benefits higher than the professional revenues they were able to generate, particularly in areas of the country where poor payor mix is concentrated.  This predicament created the need for groups to seek financial assistance (subsidies) from their partner facilities.  Read more

Perioperative Home – Where to Start?

Hospital management literature is filled with descriptions of the “Perioperative Home” and how “The Home” will play a critical role in CMS’s various bundled payment projects.  From total joints to cardiac cases, bundled payments will be the total payment for these cases, and these dollars are to cover all costs associated with surgeons, anesthesiologists, hospitals, rehab centers, and so forth.  So what role does the Perioperative home play? Read more


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